Sunday, January 17, 2010

Today was a Good Day

Today was a good day. Nothing tremendous happened. Just a good day. We woke up and went to church this morning. Little Man is starting to go to the nursery during the second and third hour of church. Yeah, we go to church for three hours. Anyway, he's 18 months now and can go to nursery. And he does great in there. He sits, he snacks, he plays well with everyone. He does long as he can still see that I'm in the room. And he checks about every 5 minutes or so. Just a quick glance, sees that I'm there, and goes back to playing. If he looks up and can't find me or I've left the room for a minute, there are tears and sadness...until I come back. So, for now, I am staying with him until he gets used to it. I actually walked out for a couple minutes today and he didn't even notice. So, maybe he'll get used to it sooner than later and I can actually attend the adult classes again.

But today, H came in and took over for a bit so I could attend the women's class. And then after church, we had a new friend come over for dinner. I met her at a church activity this last week and found out that she is applying to Officer Training School the same time I am. So, we quickly struck up a conversation and I really liked her. So tonight, we all talked each other's ears off. It was great to have a long conversation with someone new, get to know them and enjoy their company. I think it will be great to cheer and help each other along on our journey to OTS. Thankfully, we aren't going to be competing against each other, since she is currently enlisted military and I am a civilian applicant. So, we can help each other along. She seems really great and I like her a lot. I haven't made many good friend since coming to NM. I've been missing my LonDolls a lot lately and I'm glad to have met someone new.

So, we talked so much that we didn't finally say goodbye until almost 10 p.m. I am now just chilling out and enjoying the good day buzz. Hope you all are having a great weekend and will have a happy MLK day.


Alisha H. said...

Yahoo for new friends!!! Especially those that share some of your same stresses, worries, and interests! And yahoo for Nursery!!! Yahoo for a great Sunday!

Heidi said...

I love when this happens. And then that end of the day satisfied feeling where you just feel good about everything. I'm glad you had such a good day.