Wednesday, April 22, 2009

INTERNET...Beloved is thy name.

Not to sound sacreligious (sp?), but I have offered a thanks heavenward for our new internet connection. I've felt a bit cut off not being able to read the news, check my email, and update my facebook. On top of this wonderful development, we have also obtained a washer/dryer, and have finally been paid some of our travel reimbursement money. Things are looking up a bit.

H has begun installing alarm systems and is actually going to try his hand at sales. Sales has always been his preference and he feels that this will fit him better. At this point, the installers can't do anything until a sale is made, so I think he will be able to do more selling. We'll see, but I would request some good thought from you all that he will make a go of it and we may actually see some income. I have faith in him.

Let me tell you a little about my days here in NC. I wake up at 5 a.m. to get Mister up and ready to catch the bus before 6. In our area, there are really only year-round schools. You have to travel to another area about 15 minutes out to go to a traditional school. Well, we toured both versions of the middle schools and elementaries. Mister decidedly resolutely that he wanted to go to the traditional school farther out because they offered more electives and it seemed to be a nicer school. Even after we informed him of the really early bus pickup and even earlier wake up time, he insisted that that was the school for him. So, he is finishing up his first week there and is taking Orchestra Strings (cello), Painting, and a NC myth and folklore class as his electives. The last two were not his first choices, but he's pretty happy with them.

Tiny wanted to also choose the farther away, traditional school, but I couldn't make myself comfortable with the idea of her so far away. Her schedule would also have been 2 whole hours behind Mister's because of bussing. So, I chose for her to go to the year-round school right next door to us. The track she's on will not end until the end of June, and Mister's ends at the beginning, but I felt better with her nearby...and Mister is getting old enough to make these decisions for himself.

So, back to our days, after he catches the bus at 6, I am sometimes lucky enough to slip back in bed for another hour. At 7, I wake Tiny and walk her to school a little after 8. After, H and I have been taking Little Man on morning walks with the dog. We found a great trail with a large pond hidden behind a cemetery down the street. We actually saw a salamander, tons of fish, an easygoing turtle swimming to us, and a mother duck with her ducklings. We see something new each time. We then run errands or I clean around the house. H heads to his meeting and then off to work at around 2 p.m. He usually doesn't get back until after 9 or 10 p.m. I pick up Tiny from school at 3 and Mister usually gets off the bus and is in the house when we get back. We hang out, cook dinner, take walks, and they play. The last few days I have been heading to bed earlier and earlier. Getting up at 5 a.m. is not easy.

But I have found some great blessing in our early mornings. I am able to chat and spend time with Mister while we wait for the bus and I get to chat with Tiny on our walks to and from school. I find that I am enjoying my family a lot and counting my blessing more. We live in a great area and the weather and landscaping are incredible. I am really liking it here.

I will post some trip picks in my next post and some of our new surroundings. Take care and hope you are all doing well.

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Bryan and Whitney said...

Hooray! You sound happy. I'm so glad, because it would break my heart if you traveled so far and it was a nightmare. Keep us updated, lovely!