Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Breaking Dawn

I just finished reading this greatly anticipated conclusion to the impressive series. I liked it. Sure, there were some parts that were a bit anticlimactic. But I think it was pretty well done. Though many readers may not like this, I like it when the author leaves just a few strings untidy, loose ends. It lets the reader use their imagination and continue the story in their own minds. All in all, I will continue to recommend this series to everyone.

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Nicole said...

Really? I agree.. kind of. I DO have to tell you what I wanted to tell you originally though. The part where she goes from Bella's point of view to Jacob's, really made me like Jacob. Just FYI, Jacob Teamer :) haha. I just kind of wish things had turned out a little differently, and hadn't gone all sci-fi, to me, it kind of reminded me of Species or something!